Manufacturing and shipment of horizontal tanks -75.

Manufacturing and shipment of horizontal tanks -75 for bitumen storage, vessel type according to specifications of Gazenergohim RPE.  Shipment was made to Moscow in June 2014 to bitumen storage with asphalt concrete mixing plant by automobile transport.

Horizontal tank(s) -75 were manufactured in the following implementation: single-walled, ground-level, at saddle, steel St3, single-section. Nozzles and nipples for desludging, venting, manual sampling and product level gaging, product inlet/outlet. The tank is also equipped with set-in electric heating elements, thermal sensors (thermometers) and noncontacting with medium (microwave) level gauge holders, thermal insulation. Equipment set includes bitumen station DS-215 and receiving tank for bitumen discharge from bitumen carrier.

Tank of nominal size 75 is widely used in different types of manufacturing and at industrial plants for storage of different media: in agriculture, oil and gas sector, road sector, etc.