Vertical steel tanks

Vertical tanks are used for storage of various oil products, crude oil, chemicals, oil-containing drains, liquid mineral fertilizers, food liquid products and such usual liquids as technical water (fire water).

Vertical steel tanks are manufactured at our enterprise strictly individually on in advance approved projects developed on the basis of the specification of the customer or typical projects of the TP-704 series with due regard to GOST 31385-2016 and other industry standards (EVS-EN 14015:2004, API 650). All necessary design requirements of the tank for compliance to a concrete product of storage and the platform of construction on which the vertical tank will be operated are considered.

Specialists of the Gazenergohim enterprise carefully approach a designing process and production with observance of rules of the normative documents existing on the territory of the country. Ecological requirements, requirements of fire safety, as well as mass-dimensional characteristics influencing tank constructions cost reduction are the priority conditions of technology of quality for our design bureau and the enterprise.

Research and Production Enterprise Gazenergohim manufacture the following types of vertical tanks:

  • vertical tanks for oil and light oil products (gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation kerosene);
  • vertical tanks for dark oil products (bitumen, fuel oil);
  • vertical tanks for high-viscosity products (oil, molasses);
  • vertical tanks for drinking water;
  • vertical tanks for technical water (including fire tanks);
  • vertical tanks for alcohol;
  • vertical tanks for chemically hostile environment.

Production of tanks is carried out by sheet-type or rolled method. It depends on thickness of elements of tank constructions and the specification of the customer. Production of rolled sheet for walls of vertical tanks up to 18 mm thick inclusive and rolled panels of a bottom, a roof flooring, pontoons up to 7 mm thick inclusive is allowed. The rolling method consists in turning of welded panels in overall rolls for transportation, which are assembled in sheets processed along the entire perimeter. The main advantage of the method is reduction of necessary welding operation at installation by 80% as the biggest part of it is carried out directly at our enterprise.

Welded seams of rolled blanks pass the following types of laboratory control regarding to quality:

  • visual inspection control;
  • control of tightness (impermeability) of welded seams;
  • physical methods for identification of internal defects (radiography and ultrasonic defectoscopy);
  • for seams where physical control methods are impossible
  • a capillary method and magnetic powder defectoscopy.

For tanks of the large volume of product storage, (thickness of a belt of the feedwell is higher than 18 mm) the sheet-type method can be used. In that case tank is constructed directly on the place of installation from the single sheets of rolling metal prepared and processed in our shop according to design documentation. Sheets pass careful receipt control, sheet edges are processed under welding, the geometry and a casting of each sheet are checked, rolling and grounding are performed and, finally, sheets are packed for transportation to the place of installation.

Vertical tanks of our production regardless of a storage product: water, oil, oil products, etc. are completely equipped with the necessary equipment and such structural elements as hatches, branch pipes, ladders, platforms of service, grounding fastening, interception rods, irrigation pipelines, heaters, fastenings of thermal insulation, etc. In addition, the product can be understaffed with respiratory, safety and emergency valves, the receiving-distributing equipment, sampling devices, level gages, the locking fittings and other processing equipment of hinged type.

Options of vertical tanks design.

By production materials:

  • carbon steel;
  • stainless steel.


By design features:

  • with a stationary roof;
  • with a stationary roof and a pontoon;
  • with a floating roof;
  • with an aluminum stationary roof;
  • sheet-type assembly;
  • rolled assembly.


By volume:

  • from 50 to 120 000 m³.


Our customer can not only acquire (buy) vertical cylindrical tanks, but also order their installation. We will develop designing documentation, manufacture, deliver and install tank metalwork quickly and qualitatively regardless of the region of delivery and complexity of installation conditions.

The price of vertical tanks depends on many factors:

  • steel grade used in production;
  • roof types;  
  • presence and design features of such elements, as ladders, roof protections, platforms, etc.;
  • scheduled operation lifetime;
  • location and operation;

The correct packing, fastening and delivery of tanks to the destination is of a high importance. We provide transportation and include all expenses in tank price. Our enterprise takes the responsibility on delivery of a metalwork of tanks without causing damage to the geometrical parameters of blanks in the course of production. Delivery of a metalwork both by automobile and railway means of transport is possible also we deliver tanks by ship.

In the process of designing, production and installation of tanks we are guided by the state and international rules and norms, strictly observing technology of production quality.

Shipment and delivery of a metalwork of vertical tanks is possible to the all regions of the world.