Construction of industrial facilities

Storage of large volumes of liquid and viscous chemicals is possible on the territory significantly limited in area considering Construction Norms and Regulations. Rational use of small free space allows installation of vertical tanks manufactured based on the designing project developed by us taking into account size and layout of the site for construction of an oil storage. Having entrusted implementation of the order for production and installation of vertical steel tanks to qualified professionals, you will be able:

  • to organize reception, storage and pumping of chemicals on the territory;
  • to provide all conditions for safety of physical and chemical properties of a product;
  • to reduce costs of transportation of a product;
  • to optimize process of transportation of liquids over a reservoir park;
  • to lower costs of oil product storage;
  • to create conditions for increasing of production volumes.


Construction of vertical tanks for oil, oil products and bitumen

The largest part of the total amount of orders for installation of vertical tanks is occupied by installation of tanks for oil and oil products. Striving for full independence in storage and transportation of products, modern enterprises are engaged in arrangement of capacious oil storages and oil depots maintaining the type by the planned operations:

  • For organization of transportation and loading of oil to the transport used – so-called transshipment terminals are built;
  • For storage, acceptance and processing of raw materials – plant oil depots are mounted;
  • For a distribution to small wholesale consumers – distributive bases are equipped.


The standard oil depot represents a difficult technological line consisting of pipeline, a pump station, drainage and loading devices, tanks itself and auxiliary constructions and communications by means of which, it is possible to make production fast, safe and economic. Thanks to rational structure of an oil storage, it is possible to carry out all types of operations, main and auxiliary ones: acceptance, storage, distribution and quality control of oil products and other chemical compositions, as well as its’ cleaning, regeneration and restoration.   

Requirements to installation of vertical tanks

The main document regulating installation of vertical tanks in Russia is national standard 31385-2016 "Vertical cylindrical steel tanks for oil and oil products. General specifications". According to its provisions, works on installation of tanks within oil storages and oil depots have to be carried out on the following terms of:

  • choosing vessel metals possessing necessary mechanical and chemical firmness;
  • ensuring appropriate protection of vertical steel tanks against corrosion;
  • performance of welded seams at installation of the increased durability with obligatory quality control of hermiticity of ready-made tanks;
  • search and use of a safe place for installation of constructions with a base corresponding by the size;
  • strict observance of safety regulations;
  • providing conditions for maintenance of tanks.


Installation of vertical tanks.

The Gazenergohim enterprise invites for cooperation organizations of chemical, oil, construction and other industries and offers the service of vertical tanks installation for placement and long-term storage of various oil products, chemical compositions and water. Construction and installation of vertical tanks are carried out in strict accordance with provisions of the existing standards and the customer's wishes as well as with the following specifications:

  • The volume of the carried-out operations on production, transportation and turnover of substances;
  • Chemical properties of liquids and viscous emulsions;
  • Requirements for storage management;
  • Structures of technological lines used for circulation of operational wagonage.


Installation of vertical tanks is carried out with the use of hi-tech equipment on the basis of the accumulated experience and taking into account the progressive technologies that are simplifying and reducing the price of transportation and storage of oil, bituminous mix and other chemical compositions.

Choosing cooperation with the Gazenergohim company, you get the opportunity to create optimum conditions for storage of oil products without use of excessive resources and professional help of the third-party enterprises. Besides, there are several main advantages of our company that should be noted:

  • An integrated approach to implementation of construction projects of various complexity levels, when all stages are carried out "on a turn-key basis", saving time and money of a customer;
  • Use of reliable and modern construction materials and resources guaranteeing quality and durability of the facilities ready, as well as its’ compliance with requirements of regulatory documents of the industry;
  • Organization of work in terms of quality management system, according to provisions of GOST P ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008);
  • Collaboration with suppliers of tools, raw materials and equipment, allowing choosing optimum model of realization for each concrete contract;
  • Guarantee of ready-made solutions’ safety for environment and personnel involved in technological operations on placement of oil for storage;
  • Flexible approach to pricing on tanks installation.


Throughout the existence of the company, we have realized a number of significant projects on industrial construction that impact reputation of our company at the construction market. A perfect quality, an integrated approach, continuous establishing of communications with designated organizations all over the territory of Russia and that of the neighboring countries make our company a reliable partner for your business.

To specify aspects of future cooperation and to discuss conditions of implementation of an order for tanks installation accompanied with a technological arrangement, you can contact the staff of sales department of the Gazenergohim company by the phone numbers specified on the website.

Installation of vertical tanks by the Gazenergohim enterprise: all conditions for safe storage of oil and oil products.