Laboratory and quality control

The factory laboratory carries out the following nondestructive control methods:

Sectional roentgenography.

  • The x-ray device EKSTRAVOLT of 450 kV, thickness of raying is 120 mm.
  • The x-ray device RUP-200 – 7 pieces, raying thickness on steel of 20 mm, on aluminum of 100 mm.
  • Pulse x-ray installations: Arina-3, Nora-2D – 5 pieces, raying thickness on steel of 25 mm.
  • The x-ray installation RUP-150, 1 piece, raying thickness on steel – 20 mm, on aluminum of 100 mm.


Ultrasonic control.

  • The ultrasonic defectoscope UD2/12 – 2 pieces.
  • The ultrasonic defectoscope UD2/70 – 1 piece.
  • Ranges of controlled thickness from 8 mm to ∞. Standard samples are available on all thickness of the materials applied in production of the equipment both from steel, and from stainless steel and aluminum.


Penetrant test.

  • The indicating and evincing liquids are of the NORDTEST manufacturer.
  • UV lamp.
  • Standard samples for determination of sensitivity.