Quality management system

At the Research and Production Enterprise Gazenergohim the quality management system that is entirely meeting normatives and the ISO standards 9001:2008 was developed and successfully introduced. Exact and implicit following to all instructions of these standards is the main factor of the equipment and services quality that are offered to customers by our enterprise. This fact gives us a chance to compete successfully to competitors and to master new sales markets of goods and services for the petrochemical industry.

Production, marketing and supporting processes are strictly regulated and pass under careful control of heads of responsible departments, experts of quality control and the management.

Main goal of the system is to achieve the success by satisfaction of inquiries of each customer, an employee of the company and its owner.

We developed and introduced our own strategy that allows improving of production and marketing processes continuously. The system consists of the following components:

  • involvement of the whole staff of the company into the process of improvement of goods and services quality;

  • active strategic business management;

  • introduction and use of hi-tech and scientific processes for the solution of a variety of tasks;

  • periodic self-assessment.

The set of abovementioned actions allows us to pursue more successfull policy on improvement of quality of production and services and to provide stable production that completely satisfies to inquiries of the customer and the established standards of industrial safety.

The management and the staff of Research and Production Enterprise Gazenergohim apply the following elements of the quality management system:

  • obligatory understanding of customer and other interested persons needs in the field of goods and services quality and their possible expectations;
  • compliance of company’s policy and its goals with the possibility customer’s needs satisfaction;
  • competent statement of processes and responsible persons, necessary for achievement of goals, as well as supply of these processes with necessary resources;
  • development and deployment of various methods with main goal being measurement of effectiveness and actual efficiency of the put processes on the basis of the received key indicators of quality;
  • definition and improvement of the mechanisms preventing discrepancies with the standard and their timely realization;
  • development and deployment of the processes necessary for continuous improvement of the quality management system of our enterprise.


The quality management system which is applied by our enterprise has passed the necessary procedure of certification by the ISO standards 9001:2008.